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Homes of America Vacation Home Management

Homes of America Management Inc was originally set up exclusively for Clients whom purchased their New Florida Home through Homes of America Ltd. Choosing which management company is a very important part of purchasing your home and is as much a minefield as choosing who to buy your home through. Therefore, we decided to help our new home owners by offering an exclusive position in our management company. We thank them for trusting us when purchasing their home and this is our way of showing our appreciation by helping them with good, family service.

If you are interested in registering your Orlando home with Homes of America Management Inc please telephone our office on (001) 863 420 7775 or email the Management Director Kylie Thorne at HOArentals@aol.com.

Our promised Service to the Home owner include:
Pool Maintenance
Carried out weekly. Clean deck & patio furniture, clean filter, test water for chemical balance and ensure constant water level.
Lawn and Garden Maintenance
Mow Lawns, trim Shrubs & Bushes, weed as and when, edge pathways & borders and ensure a well maintained Garden. Lawns are mown more in summer than winter due to growth rates in Florida. We advise if your lawn needs any further treatments.
Pest Control by a Licensed Operator
A definite must in Florida & must be carried out by a licensed Pest Control Operator. Both the Interior & Exterior of the home is treated.
Cleaning & Inspection
Arrangement of Cleaning & Inspection of the home before & After you leave
Bills / Accounting
We manage our clients accounts & record all expenses and incomes. We pay the bills on the home owners behalf.
Bookings for your New Florida Home
We offer a good booking service, alternatively should homeowners wish to put their own bookings in, they simply check availability with us. Clients who purchase the home through Home of America Ltd receive advice and guidance in how to market their home with simply, economical ideas. All our home owners receive a good rate for their home and have no need to enter renting schemes.
This is a contract that can be terminated with one Calendar months notice, we would rather our Home Owners did not and so our aim is to take great care of them in the first instance.